We don’t have a Big Online Store here but we do have a few things we think you are going to like.

2 Sided Pro-Trump 2020 Historic Collector Bandanas that will not “Time Out” after the Election.

Check out these Bandanas that you can wear in place of the face diapers everyone else is wearing.

If for any reason you are going to be wearing a hijab you may as well let people know how you feel about it.

Wear the Trump 2020 Side till he Wins the Election then immediately flip this thing around to 46th President of The United States to celebrate the Landslide Election Victory that is going to continue to Turn the World Around!

When folded into a Triangle these Bandanas are 2 Sided.

Wear this side till November 3rd

Wear this side November 4th !

These Premium Grade Bandanas come in ORANGE – OMG! – “Orange Man Good!”, HOT PINK and RED.

We have other Patriotic Message Bandanas Coming Soon!

Bandana Wash and Wear Info

You may want to just hand wash these and definately just lay them out to dry.

Only iron the back side on low heat setting. 

To wear fold in half then roll or fold the top edge down toward the top row of text and roll or fold to the outside so when you pull the bandana down over your head and face it will not unroll or unfold as easy. 

The slide adjuster is meant to be left connected and it is easier to take the bandana off to adjust the slide but it can be slightly adjusted while wearing if you pull the slide away from your head and pull the bandana tips toward your head.